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Converting SCENTS
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Via Scent The power of Scent is a go-to service provider for scent applications (VOCs) in numerous industries.
It creates the commercial path from market need through to technical concept and on to securing global sales.

Via scent was Founded by the international perfumer and odor consultant Danyel Gafsou. Specialized in odor perception, transforming olfactory sensations into quantitative values, he has over two decades of experience in solving different scent-related challenges.
For over 25 years, Mr. Gafsou has been offering consultancy services in all aspects of odor perception whether it be in research, product design, or sales. This has taken him in to numerous industries.
Via Scent is connecting the dots and acts as your partner and professional intermediate between market need, R&D, and marketing team helping companies to reach financial growth through developing innovative and better products or services that generate more revenues in existing or new markets.

Danyel Gafsou offers to his clients at Via Scent the benefits of over 25 years of experience in all aspects of odor perception; from research to design and into international sales. His achievements cross international boundaries and numerous industries.

Via Scent is known for its hands-on approach, with an eye for the detail. Danyel is equally comfortable in the R&D lab, putting together a product development team, evaluating scent perception, or creating a marketing strategy.

For Danyel, it is the whole picture that matters. He provides a cross-disciplinary service that seeks to integrate all avenues of a business. He connects the dots, seamlessly.

Via Scent Vision is setting out new revenues for its clients via scented innovation.
It seeks to improve people's lives by leveraging the hidden power of our sense of smell, customizing it to the specific commercial needs of each new project/client.
We aim to make product testing and scent perception measurements accessible to everyone. At Via Scent we believe that scent science should be accessible in simple words for everyone – individuals, pre-seed startups as well as matured companies, transforming the power of scents to revenues and brand assets by leveraging the hidden power of our sense of smell to improve people's life.

Danyel Gafsou

Danyel Gafsou

Connecting the Dots
Danyel Gafsou
Via scent


We support startups and also mature companies to refine and customize their product or technology so that it matches the specific needs of the market.

Conversely, we define the void in markets in order to identify the possibility of creating a new market leader.

If the path to success is determined by answering a painful market issue and / or understanding what is demanded, we are in a position to generate the necessary solutions.

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We view our clients as partners, working to move ahead through challenging landscapes. Together, we agree on the market need.

We consider a series of possible solutions. We evaluate relevant technologies. We design tests to measure outcomes. We produce credible market options for the decision makers to act upon.

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We help startups and mature companies reach new markets via design partners and potential clients.

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Via Scent The power of Scent is a young, creative and dynamic brand that believes in cross-disciplinary synergy and collaborations and believes that product testing and scent perception measurements should be accessible to everyone.

We deliver customized services. This is not an industry, where one solution fits all. Innovative approaches are essential, 24 / 7.

The world of scents or “VOC” - Volatile Organic Compounds - is rich, fascinating and complex. We believe that combining the art and science of olfaction with a multi-disciplinary approach improves our client's technical and financial performance 

We are deeply interested to learn about any initiative or VOCs related opportunities.

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Via scent

Setting up a Q&A session
to spark innovation

Brainstorming, Setting up a Q&A session to spark innovation. The art and science of smell is an ideal playing field for innovation..

During a Q&A session, your managerial team will discover inspirational applications and initiatives. We will enable your brand to create a unique value proposition and an IP that stimulates financial growth.
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From concept to realization, we support our clients, whom we refer to as our partners throughout the numerous stages of product development..

They benefit from the following:

  1. Allocating design partners
  2. Defining final application and KPIs
  3. Development plan- Defining different concepts
  4. IP registration
  5. Product development and formulation design
  6. Product testing and sensory evaluation
  7. The transformation from a lab concept POC on to mass production

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Training “unqualified” sensory team

Having a sensitive sense of smell to compare different samples and “measuring” scent perception is a gift but also a methodology..

We would guide and train your team on how to build your product’s Perception Map ™ (what is generally called the “Fragrance wheel”) enabling you to get insightful, measurable, and comparable information for your product development and quality control processes.


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