Via Scent ltd is a consultancy and R&D center that specializes in the fascinating world of scents.  

Mr. Danyel Gafsou, the founder of Via Scent Ltd spent the last decade to really understand how does the sense of smell work and influence on our behavior and everyday life.
A perfumer and entrepreneur, an honors graduate of the French perfumery school ISIPCA (Institut Superieur International du Parfum) and a member of the SFP (Société Française des Parfumeurs).

In 1996 he was part of a research group of Olfaction in the Weizmann Institute of science in Rehovot, Israel and started to create fragrances for different applications.  

In 2004 he was chosen as a representative of ISIPCA for an international fragrance creators contest and In 2007 he started to work for the life style Cosmetic brand SABON. 
In 2012 he established Via Scent.
Experienced, passionate and fascinated by the world of scents and how they influence our daily life, Mr. Gafsou decided to establish Via Scent Ltd in 2012.
As part of his consultancy services, in Jan. 2013 he published an article in PNAS, together with a scent scientist group, " Olfactory White: MixturesContaining Many Odorants Converge to a Common Olfactory Percept ".
In Via Scent we work on the development of new scents as well as different technologies related to scent diffusion, scent absorption, scent detection and scent controlling systems.
We use the power of scents to leverage brands activities, to ameliorate products and integrate the power of scents with the technological world for scent initiatives projects.

We never forget the traditional purposes of using scents – fragrance creation and evaluation for different applications.

Our exceptional combination of both scientific knowledge of the sense of smell and rich experience in the fragrance and home ambiance industry results in creatively solving scent & fragrance related challenges as well as finding interesting ideas and solutions for scent initiatives projects.
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